The Naked Truth about Showerheads

Showering is one of the basic hygiene habits that most of us do in our daily routine. There is nothing better than stepping under the warm shower jets, using your favourite coconut scented shower gel, […]

Can you smell gas?

Winter is on its way, and out comes the trusty old gas heater for the season. Protect your family from possible gas leaks in the home by having your gas heater serviced before the cold […]

5 foolproof plumbing tips for the home handyman

  1. The home handyman sometimes tinkers too much with things that might not be running “just right”, then they break it. Wives: don’t winge too much about the small things, lol.
  2. Foul odour coming up […]

5 Questions to Ask to Pick the Best Plumber

  1. Are you a licenced plumber and do you have insurances covering public liability?
  2. How many years experience do you have in plumbing?
  3. Have you carried out this type of work before?
  4. Can you give […]
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