Blocked Drains & Sewers

Blocked or smelly drain or sewer ? Don’t worry we’ve got the know-how and technology to diagnose the problem and advise the best outcome for you.

Huddo’s Plumbing Service has the latest, most advanced drainage investigation and cleaning equipment available. Our tradesman are experienced and highly trained in the use of all equipment to solve your troublesome sewer and drainage problems.

We can be at your home or business fast. Our drain and sewer professionals come fully equipped to perform works at your site and have the solution no matter the blockage.

Electric Eel machine, cuts through tough blockages and build up of foreign matter and tree roots

Jet Blaster machine smashes though the more difficult of blockages such as extensive tree root systems and commercial drains with trade waste and grease contamination

CCTV Camera Inspections to pinpoint blockages, leaks and sources of smells

High tech locating equipment to locate all traceable services

Excavation equipment to dig up and repair damaged pipework.

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