Property Maintenance

Need a dedicated, hassel-free property maintenance plumbing service?

Property management is all about making sure tenants and owners are happy. At Huddo’s Plumbing Service, we believe that property managers should focus on things that they are good at and leave the plumbing concerns to us.

Our team of Plumbers have a proven track record in solving difficult plumbing problems, due to our vast experience in the residential and commercial markets.  We are dedicated to providing an unbeatable level of customer service and safety to your occupants and owners. At LAST, a service provider you can rely on!

We specialise in:

Water efficiency assessments (tenancy compliance of water usage)

Anything that leaks. We can fix taps, toilets, showers, pipes, roofs, guttering.

Guttering and downpipes maintenance / replacements

Dishwasher hookups

No hot water – hot water system issues

Gas cooktop/oven installations / repairs / maintenance

Gaspoint isntallations or disconnections

Sewer and stormwater pipe repairs / replacements

Stormwater drainage solutions

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