Winter is on its way, and out comes the trusty old gas heater for the season. Protect your family from possible gas leaks in the home by having your gas heater serviced before the cold winter chill hits.

We recommend to get your gas heater serviced before the start of each winter by an experienced, licensed gasfitter. This way you are protecting your family by preventing an accident resulting from a gas leak. Any gas appliance in your household can develop a leak, so it is important to trust your nose.

If you think something smells a little “off”, well it probably IS. Don’t ignore the signs. A gas leak in your home can be expensive on the gas bill and also quite dangerous. Gas, is odourless, colourless, & smells a little like a “rotten egg”.

Maybe you’ve noticed a rise in gas consumption, or dollars on your gas bill. Don’t take the risk, have your gas heater serviced before use this winter to make a safer environment for you, and for the ones you love.