Hot Water Systems can be very tricky. Sometimes it requires trial and error fault-finding, for even the most experienced of plumbers! Generally, the life span of a hot water system is appx 10 to 12 years. If you Hot Water System is showing any of the following symptoms, regardless its’ age, your Hot Water System may me about to fail. Call Huddo’s Plumbing Service before it’s too late!

  1. Irregular temperature
    This can be one of the first signs that your HWS is on its way out. You can be standing under the shower, it’s nice and warm, goes cold then returns warm again, goes cool again.
  2. Delay in water heating up
    With this one, you probably have to turn on the taps, and wait a few minutes before stripping off and jumping into the shower.
  3. Noises coming from the system, like hissing, grumbling & groaning
    An orchestra of eerie music coming from the Hot Water System. The noises all mean something different too! Hissing could be that the tempering valve may just need replacing.
  4. Sludge or rust around the fittings
    Corrosion and sludge around the hot water system fittings is a sure sign of water leaking.
  5. Rusty water
    Coming from the hot tap of any of the taps inside your home. Your hot water heater could be rusting away on the inside.