1. The home handyman sometimes tinkers too much with things that might not be running “just right”, then they break it. Wives: don’t winge too much about the small things, lol.
  2. Foul odour coming up out of the floor waste in your bathroom? Try this: Pull off the floor grate and top up the water seal with approx 1Litre of water. There is water in the pipes below the floor grate. Over time this water will eventually evaporate and cause an odour if it’s not topped up.
  3. Wipe up immediate spills on gas cooktops. The spill can get into the gas jets and clog them up. This will prevent gas from flowing through the jet to the burner, resulting in no cooking on that burner. If you have a spill on your gas cooktop, let it cool then immediatley disassemble the top of the burner and wipe over with cloth in warm soapy water. You will be cooking again in no time!
  4. Did you know your toilet can be leaking and you do not even know it? This is a quick way to check. Use a 15cm piece of toilet paper from the roll. Scrunch it into a loose ball and rest it inside the toilet bowl against the back edge, above the water line. If the cistern is leaking into the bowl the paper will get wet. Call Huddo’s Plumbing Service, we can fix it & save you money.
  5. If you don’t know how to fix it – Call Huddo’s Plumbing Service, one call does it all!  Leave Plumbing to the experts to fix your plumbing problems. This will save you time and money.